Martin Behaims Erdapfel (1492)
Der älteste erhaltene Globus der Erde
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The WissKI Behaim System is being developed and maintained by the AG Digital Humanities (AGDH) of the Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU). It is not open to the public.


  • Prof. Dr. Guenther Goerz
    Head of the AGDH
  • Martin Scholz, Dipl.-Inf.
    Research Assistant at AGDH

A lot of students have contributed in the last years either in courses given on knowledge representation, in internships or as student assistant (in alphabetical order):

  • Mario Amrehn
  • Nina Aures
  • Daniel Birkmaier
  • Andreas Brischwein
  • Lars Horn
  • Andreas Kaufmann
  • Philipp Klein
  • Daniela Koch
  • Grit Nickel
  • Tobias Scharpff
  • Chiara Seidl
  • Mateusz Ziobrowski


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